A promising area of research addresses the healing properties of chocolate and its effects on diabetes and related diseases, including high-risk factors for cardiovascular disease. 

candy is not equal 
to healthy chocolate®

by Lissa Werson

​About a decade ago, progressive-thinking cardiologists who recognized the value of dark chocolate and its application to heart health, could only dream of chocolate made without the heat. Now, the Xoçai products make any chocolate lover’s (let alone a health-concious consumer’s) dreams come true.

There's cheap chocolate, expensive chocolate, and then there's valuable chocolate! Xoçai Healthy Chocolate® (the valuable one) is considered by many as medical-grade. Not surprisingly, nutritionists, naturopaths and chiropractors are among those who have come on board early. Now that solid scientific research results have come forth we are seeing many conventional medical practitioners (yes, MDs and dentists) joining the ranks. 

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DON'T BE MISLED by the high cacao content of candy. These numbers are loosely slapped on labels without a consistent standard, and often, they are measured prior to processing and cooking. Add sugar, waxes, fillers, and, “Bam,” you’ve got tasty and marketable candy whose touted cacao content and original nutrition value have been severely compromised or removed entirely. 

It’s not surprising if those cacao labels mislead or confuse the average consumer. Xoçai Healthy Chocolate®, on the other hand, is barely related to the Dutched chocolate we've all known as candy. Its high antioxidant score (ORAC) deems it a superfood head and shoulders above any other food on the planet. The iCT seal on every package certifies and regularly recertifies its integrity and validity. 

The makers of Xoçai Healthy Chocolate® hold a patent for developing its cacao cultivation method, resulting in uncooked chocolate products. No other brand comes close. Not even the raw cacao sellers. While raw cacao isn't Dutched like its distant candy cousins, its process falls short of Xoçai’s patented cold process. Plus, its flavor is often offensive to the average palate. Not Xoçai, whose nutrition and antioxidant values are intact and tastes absolutely delicious. 

Clearly, the proof is in the pudding, and I encourage you to learn the value of Xoçai products so that you can understand and enjoy their benefits. The success that I've experienced continues to grow, and thus keeps me coming back for more. I've learned to regard it as a vegetable or fruit - not a candy. Likewise, it is a food - not a drug, and therefore it requires a little more than 45 minutes* to see its benefits. Exercising time and patience seem to be a lost art in our fast-paced world, but well worth nurturing to achieve the results that are possible for quality and improved health. 

I look forward to hearing what it does for you.

*referring to 45 minutes as a common drug response expectation